Matt the Voice

He started off playing the drums. Actually, it was playing the role of Kojak (Telly Savalas) in a Grade 4 school play, remember him – “who loves ya baby?” This was followed by writing, directing and starring as Arthur Fonzarelli aka “Fonzie” in a Happy Days play. Later, he became a vocalist and grew into a songwriter.

Matt’s passion for performing is truly his forte. As former lead singer for Toronto Indie band, The Alter Kakers, Matt found an outlet for his creativity by collaborating with other musicians.
Workshops, professional voice coaching sessions, classical voice training, and the Ontario Conservatory of Music have molded Matt into a performer whose credits are as varied as his talents. Years of singing in cover bands and a short stint with the renowned international men’s chorus, Toronto’s Northern Lights, also formed Matt’s vocal dexterity into the asset that it is today.

“I truly believe we are all here for a purpose and each and every one of us have something unique and special to offer. It took me quite a few years to figure that out but you know what?…it doesn’t matter, because I am living my ideal day, everyday and loving every minute of it. If you follow your heart, take risks, have drive and passion…



What a privilege, man could that guy play!

Performing Eric Clapton’s version of ‘Tore Down’ at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, 1996.

      Im Tore Down

Jeff Healey & Matt Dratva

Matt’s vocal stamina, projection, breathing techniques, phrasing, tone, inflection, are the result of his life spent performing.

As an actor, Matt’s versatility ranges from no-budget Indie music videos to full fledged productions in Canada and abroad. Be it a pie in the face or a father’s grief, Matt evokes a character’s true essence.
Matt is also not without his brushes with greatness. One freezing cold winter’s night in Toronto at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, the late, great, blues rocker Jeff Healey joined Matt on stage to perform a couple of classics. Just two artists sharing a passion for performance.

Voice Artist, Actor, Musician

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